September is my FAVOURITE month! Not only does it symbolise new beginnings and a new season for me but it is also the month in which Brendan and I get to celebrate another year of God’s grace and love on and in our marriage. It is also the month I chose for the birth of this very blog, as you know.

At the end of term 3 I am sure many educators feel the way I felt on Thursday, the penultimate day of the term. I was exhausted and drained and actually didn’t have energy for our weekend away anymore. But God knew exactly what He had in store for us and how much we needed the peace, the beauty and the tranquility of the Elgin Valley.

We stayed at the Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park which should be on everyone’s list of must-visits-in-South Africa. Guys, these trailers are on another level. Each one is uniquely themed and absolutely stylish. We chose to stay in Birdie. This trailer is smaller than the others BUT the view from it is breathtaking as you saw above.

The restaurant, The Barn at Old Mac Daddy, serves the most amazing food! We did all courses there. Let me not even get started on the wine… Raw beauty!

Our Saturday was FILLED with adventure! This is all offered as an extra package at Old Mac Daddy. But first, BREAKFAST.

From here we moved to The Triactive Lodge for some glamping which is just up the road from Old Mac Daddy. If we could stay an extra night at The Old Mac Daddy, we would have, but the following day they hosted a wedding and the couple booked out the entire site. Our time away was really special. I really hope that my married followers take time out from this busy world to enjoy each other and to enjoy the gift of life together.

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