Good morning good food lovers 🙂

I thought I’d just write you a short post quickly to hear how you are doing with our latest competition?

Here’s HOW easy it is to WIN a month’s worth of Fresh Ingredients and Recipes delivered to your door:


  • Go onto the UCOOK website by clicking here –> Get cooking and grab a picture from one of their 9 meals that you would love to have delivered to your door or cook yourself. Tag us on your Facebook or Instagram page, and that’s 1 entry into the draw!
  • For an extra BIG entry, sign up for 1 week’s worth of UCOOK by clicking that same link (Get cooking!) so you get a taste of what you’ll receive for an entire month when you win!


That’s it! If you’re a single person, you’d order for 1 and stand a chance to win a month’s food for 1 but if you purchase a week’s menu for a family of 4, guess what? You’ve guessed it! You win a month’s free food for a family of 4! All South Africans are welcome to enter.

All of the best chefs!

P.S. I have included some of this week’s meals on the UCOOK menu just to wet your appetite a bit. You have nine amazing meals to choose from every week, including vegetarian, low-carb and rustic options.

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