Spring has Sprung! It’s a New Season. You have a new reason to rejoice and to celebrate. Speaking of celebrations, the break of Spring also means And Then There Was Food celebrates another year. That’s right folks, we’re celebrating our 2nd blog-iversary this month.

I’m writing a very quick post to inform you about how we will be celebrating our 2nd birthday this month. Even though the picture tells you there is a competition going down, I’m sure you are very eager to know what you can win. Because, who does NOT like FREE stuff 🙂

This year I have decided to give away my favourite carrot cake. No, the recipe is not on the blog yet, but it will be soon. I do however know that this cake is a winner because I have made it for family occasions, as well as for my colleagues who absolutely love it. I have already shared the recipe with a few of them (who asked very nicely). This cake is obviously made with TONS OF LOVE, free from refined sugar and gluten and made with real ingredients. It is super moist as it gets sweetened with my homemade applesauce. And don’t forget about the cream cheese frosting topped with crunchy walnuts. And because we are turning 2, there has to be 2 layers to this cake. Oh man, just describing it to you makes my mouth water.

I hear you asking yourself, HOW do I enter? It’s simple: Head over to our Instagram account, give me a follow if you haven’t yet done so and find out more on there. That’s it! I told you it’s simple.

P.S. Can I just remind you: Spring has Sprung. There’s a newness in the atmosphere. Make it count!

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